Avoid an Apple Service Fee by Boosting on Instagram.com

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Instagram is one of the most effective social media marketing platforms, enabling businesses, content creators, and digital marketers to reach a broad audience. But, if you promote your business on Instagram using any Apple device, you might have noticed an additional fee besides your ad budget. This fee is Apple’s service charge. This can increase your advertisement cost and be a problem for small businesses with limited budgets. 

Instagram’s web platform now allows users to boost their posts directly at Instagram.com. If you boost your post in the Instagram IOS app, you’ll pay through the Apple App Store. Apple has added a service fee of 30% for boosting posts that apply, not Instagram or Meta, and will retain. 

Instagram developers have taken this step to help users save the extra 30% they had to pay to boost their posts. This change will significantly benefit small business owners and content creators who depend on Instagram for marketing.

How to Boost on Instgram.com 

  • To boost your post through Instagram.com, you need to follow these steps: 
  • Log in to Instagram.com from a desktop or mobile browser.
  • Go to your profile and choose the content that you want to boost.
  • Choose your goal, audience, budget, and duration like you did in the app. Tap” Next” once you have completed these details.
  • Tap “Preview ad” to review the placements that your ad will run and control Advantage+ Creative.
  • Tap “Boost Post” to complete your ad. 

Your advertisement will be reviewed to ensure compliance with Instagram’s advertising policies. After it is approved, the ad will begin running.

Ways to Avoid Apple Service Fee 

There are specific ways to avoid paying the Apple Service Fee: 

  • To save 30% on your total ad payment, you should immediately switch to Instagram.com to boost your posts. Boosting your content from Instagram.com, Meta Business Suite, or Meta Ads Manager will deliver your ad to the audience, just as when booting from the Instagram app.
  • You can add prepaid funds to your ad account by clicking on payment settings on Instagram.com. These funds can boost the Instagram iOS app without paying the Apple service fee.
  • You can download Meta Business Suite or visit it through your computer to manage content across surfaces and boost content without paying the Apple service fee.
  • You can also create Ads from Meta Ads Manager by downloading the app to create ads without paying an Apple service fee.

Benefits for Small Businesses 

Meta has opened a new way for small businesses to save money and run ads. This will allow small businesses and creators to allocate their budget for actual advertising rather than paying service fees. With a larger budget, ensure that your advertisements can reach a larger audience, which will result in increased engagement and conversions.

By managing your ads through Instagram’s web interface, you can use tools and features like A/B testing and comprehensive analytics. Other benefits include smooth integration with other marketing tools,enhanced targeting, and complete control over ad campaigns. Meta’s move will also encourage more users to engage in paid promotions because they will get the total value of their investment, and no additional charges will be deducted.

Final Word

By sidestepping Apple’s standard 30% commission fee on in-app purchases and offering an alternative avenue for content monetization, Instagram has introduced a cost-effective solution that could potentially revolutionize the digital landscape. This strategic move aims to boost content creation and positions Instagram as a pioneering platform in reshaping the online marketplace dynamics. As this innovative approach gains traction, it may inspire other digital platforms to consider similar practices, ushering in a new era of monetization strategies across the industry.


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