Everything You Need to Know About Meta AI 

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What is Meta AI?

Meta has recently launched its artificial intelligence assistant on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. This Meta AI is capable of providing real-team assistance to any user. The launch of Meta AI on the two most widely used social media platforms was to enhance user interaction. 

Everything You Need to Know About Meta AI
Stay connected with the world through meta AI’s suite of platforms

Meta AI can assist with a variety of tasks. You can use it to explore ideas on home decor, and DIY tutorials, and can research different topics. 

Meta AI is currently available to people living in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Pakistan, Singapore, Ghana, Jamaica, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, and Malawi. Meta AI assistant works, accepts commands, and follows instructions provided in English only. 

Features and Purpose of Meta AI

Meta AI is somewhat similar to OpenAI’s ChatGpt. However, it has more advanced features than any other chatbot. Owners have integrated Llama 3 technology into this artificial intelligence assistant which makes it more efficient than any other AI assistant. 

Illustration depicting the Features and Purpose of Meta AI on nawazishtawab.com
Explore the capabilities of Meta AI, your intelligent assistant.

It can be used for the following purposes:

  • Meta AI can be used for searching the web and getting real-time information on any topic.
  • Users can use it for having a conversation on any issue. 
  • It can be used for solving any type of query or math problems. 
  • Users can also interact with AI characters of popular celebrities using Meta AI.
  • Meta AI will enable users to create and customize their own version of AI stickers.
  • It can be used for generating images with text prompts and converting them into animations and GIFs. 

How to Access Meta AI?

To access the meta AI, you can simply tap the colorful blue icon appearing on the top right of your Facebook feed. You can also access it by typing “@mettaAI” within chats. It is incorporated into the search box of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. 

The chatbot is trained with real-time knowledge from Google and Microsoft Bing and can answer any question, generate images, and give ideas. Users can even ask for restaurant recommendations, and fashion inspirations or can plan vacations using Meta AI. 

How to Access Meta AI on Instagram?

To access Meta AI, simply open your Instagram app and tap on the search bar. Type ‘Meta AI’ and explore its wonders!

To start a chat with Meta AI assistant on Instagram, tap the direct message icon on the top right of the feed, and tap the “Create an AI chat” option. Enter a message, tap a message prompt, and send. You can also tap the menu to explore more of what Meta AI can do. This conversation will remain saved in your inbox and you can visit it anytime you want. 

Illustration of accessing Meta AI on Instagram
Learn how to interact with Meta AI on Instagram for advice and questions.

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How Does Meta AI Work?

The feature is very smoothly incorporated into all the major platforms powered by Meta. The AI assistant works in group chats to help plan major events. You can use it to ask questions or get advice. The information you are looking for will be provided directly on your feed. Real-time search assistance will be provided to users without having to switch apps. 

You can also make Meta AI work for you by browsing the website “meta.ai”. The assistant will help you with everything you ask from writing a professional email to solving a math problem. 

Image Generation Using Meta AI

Besides providing useful textual insights into different research areas, Meta AI is capable of generating high-quality images in real-time. Users can use this feature to create customized animated GIFs, decor inspiration, and artwork. 

You can send commands like ‘/imagine’ to Meta AI to generate images based on your text prompt. Once the AI chatbot sends you an image, you can tap and hold it, and then tap “reimagine” to submit a command for another image. 

You can also animate an image that was generated by Meta AI. For that, you need to tap on the image and hold it, tap ‘reply’ and enter “animate”. Meta AI will generate an animated version of the image.

The images produced by Meta AI are absolutely free and users can also include text in the image. 

Use Meta AI in Chat with Others

Apart from a separate conversation with the meta chatbot, you can also use meta in any of your existing conversations with your friends or anyone else. In a conversation box, you can type “@” and then click ‘Meta AI’. You can type your message or question and press the send icon, your question and Meta’s response will show up in the chat and will also be visible to others in the chat. 

How Meta AI can Benefit Content Creators?

Meta AI will completely redefine the content creation and will offer endless possibilities to creators. The image generation feature of Meta AI will completely revolutionize the way visuals are created. 

It will open new doors of opportunities for people in the photography, design, and digital marketing sectors. Content creators can use Meta AI tools for script writing, generating captions, and creating editorial calendars. They can streamline their workflow, optimize the content, and can also use it for content curation. 

It has made content creation faster and easier than ever before. The distinct and advanced features of Meta AI can help you bring your vision to reality without wasting your energy and money. 

Key Elements of Meta AI Image Generation Feature:

The characteristics of Meta AI that make it extremely beneficial for everyone are:

  1. The Meta AI image generator has the potential to generate images that can cater to a wide range of industries. It can create images relevant to e-commerce, entertainment, advertising, sports, etc. 
  2. Once you have generated an image using Meta AI, it gives you options to customize it according to your liking and preference. You can change the color schemes, mood board, and format according to your brand’s identity. 
  3. Meta AI ensures seamless and smooth integration of image generator tools in your existing workflow and pattern.

Other AI Tools on Instagram

In the fast-paced technological world, there is a new digital innovation every day. Meta also keeps on introducing new artificial intelligence features on its apps that enable different types of connections and expressions. 

Some of the AI tools launched by Meta are:

AI Stickers

When you send a sticker in a chat or add stickers to your Instagram story, you also have the option of using a custom AI sticker. Your sticker is generated by artificial intelligence (AI) based on the text prompt you enter in the stickers’ search field. You can choose from these AI-generated stickers to express your feelings. 


This feature helps you to give a new look and feel to your image. You can do it by changing the background of your image. 

Following are the steps to change the backdrop of your pictures: 

  1. Select the photo you want to share to create a story the same way you regularly would.
  2. Next to the text icon on the top banner, click the backdrop icon. Different areas of your photo will automatically be highlighted and you can select which parts of the photo you’d like to keep when generating a new backdrop. 
  3. You can enter a prompt in English of what you’d like the new background to be. It can be as elaborate or simple as you’d like.

Privacy of User Data on Meta AI

Whenever a new technology or software is launched, many concerns arise related to the privacy of user data. Users come up with questions like whether is it safe to use this new software, will it have access to their personal data stored in their mobile phones, what information will be public, and what is going to be private if they sign up for this digital innovation, etc. All of these concerns are valid.

Your conversations with Meta AI or the information you share in these conversations will not be shared with anyone. Rather it will only be used by Meta AI to generate a personalized response to your query. You can delete this information later on using the built-in commands such as “/reset-ai” by Meta. 

Meta AI chatbot assistant is trained and designed in such a manner that it respects the privacy of users. For instance, if you are using Meta AI in a conversation with others, only those messages or prompts will be visible to Meta AI that are addressed directly to the chatbot using the “@metaAI” command. Messages where Meta AI is not directly mentioned will remain private. 


Recent launch by Meta seems to be the most intelligent artificial intelligence assistant across major social media platforms. This can entirely revolutionize the landscape of Facebook and Instagram and reshape the way we interact with technology.  

It has sparked a new wave of curiosity and can prove to be a game-changer for the tech industry. The AI generative features of meta AI will help businesses streamline their work. The new technology is expected to improve the many processes and research experience across these platforms. 


What is Meta AI?

Meta AI is a virtual assistant introduced by Meta on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. You can use Meta AI to ask questions, recipes, explore different research areas, and create images. 

Is Meta AI free?

Yes, Meta AI is absolutely free. There are no charges or subscription fee for using Meta AI. Users can access it by typing Meta AI in their inbox or directly access it through the search bar on Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp.

Can I turn off Meta AI on my Facebook and Instagram?

No, there is no option available to turn off or disable the Meta AI feature on your social apps.

What is a Meta question?

A meta question is a question, query or prompt that you enter into Meta AI. You can ask questions about anything and get information.

What questions to ask Meta AI?

You can ask Meta AI about anything. You can explore different DIYs for home decor, tips for gardening, captions for your posts, you can ask it to create a diet schedule for you, and you can create images and animations. Basically you can ask Meta AI whatever comes into your mind.

In which countries, Meta AI is available? 

Countries where Meta AI is currently available include Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Pakistan, Singapore, Ghana, Jamaica, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, and Malawi.


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